Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are so popular because many people over 40 need them, and don't want the distracting look of old-style bifocals that have visible lines. Watch the video for more information and ask Dr. Corey Mairs about progressive lenses at your next appointment!

Progressive lenses, sometimes called no-line bifocals, give you a more youthful appearance by eliminating the visible lines found in bifocal and trifocal lenses. They provide the ability to see at all distances including arm’s length for computer use, and up close for reading.

Progressive lenses are the most natural form of vision correction available for patients with presbyopia as they eliminate the image jump present in standard bifocal and trifocal lenses.
Progressive lenses provide a smooth transition from the distance through intermediate to near vision with all the in-between vision corrections needed. This constant graduation of the prescription means that you can look up to see the distance, look ahead to view things such as a computer in the intermediate zone, and drop your gaze downward to read and do fine work comfortably up close.

With so many progressive lens designs and options available today, the choices can be overwhelming without professional advice. Ask a staff member to see which lens is best for you.